Our experienced staff believe in making sure we will provide The Best Flood Restoration services in Orange County TX , Jefferson or Newton County TXservicing all the cities involved in any type of flooding being caused by storms, weather disasters or even water disasters in your home or business.

We will always give any homeowner or business owners a free estimate. We know the ins and outs of the insurance companies and do make sure you are given the proper amount of monies to restore your property. We will not just allow an Insurance Adjuster give you an estimate and think that they will be let off the hook. We work directly with the insurance companies and will handle all the paperwork and process needed to make sure you receive the amount of money needed to have your property back to normal within your policy limits.

We have staff that work directly with the insurance companies so you don’t have to. We will take the headache off your hands and get you back to normal as soon as possible. We are highly experienced in dealing with all the problems and processes involved in dealing with the insurance companies after a flood or storm has occurred. WE take our job very seriously and make sure you are secure in trusting that we will provide you with outstanding service.

Trusting your contractor orange or newton county tx flood or storm restorations

Our customers trust us to do a great job in repairs/remodels and new construction

We always advise if you are not going to use our service that you make sure you know what is involved in dealing with the insurance establishments. We do have staff available to answer questions if you need any advice. Please, always make sure that your home or business restoration is done by a reputable company and that they are not just a fly by night company coming into town to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners or companies. Make sure the company can give you credentials and also a warranty of their work. When we were involved in the restoration of homes and businesses after Hurricane Ike, we found many homeowners and businesses that took the cheapest bids and were left with work half completed or undesirable and the money ran out or the company left with their money! We came in as a company and explained the process to our customers and dealt with the insurance company to help get their properties back to normal as well as we could whilst dealing with the insurance process ourselves.

The most logical decision you will make is one that you should feel comfortable with and make sure there is a contract stating every repair and process to be completed, the company you hire has insurance, bonded and licensed by the City or County your property is in.

You can count on us to make sure your disaster is taken care of by a Professional Flood Restoration Company. We are available during any disasters or catastrophes and were an important part of rebuilding the communities of Orange, Jefferson, Newton and Galveston counties after hurricane Ike.